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Adecco IT Academy 10 – Robotics – Video

Adecco IT Academy 10 – Robotics – Pictures

Adecco IT Academy 10 – Robotics – Summary

The celebration event of “Adecco IT Academy 10 – Robotics” started with 500 registrars and nearly 300 participants in one of Budapest’s most popular ruin pubs called Anker’t on May 11th. The popularity of the topic was well demonstrated by the fact that the visitors filled 3 halls in the pub where 3 professional presentations, a robot exhibition and a short robotic dance show during the opening ceremony could be seen.

László Spiller, Adecco’s executive consultant, summed up the story of Adecco IT Academy in his greeting and recalled the most exciting topics and images of the previous meetups. In the second part of his lecture he talked about how robots are transforming the world of work. The executive consultant concluded on the basis of Adecco’s various surveys and research that robotics are not the end of human work, and even technology actually creates more jobs. Furthermore, the world of work will be more flexible by routing routine jobs to robots, so we can work on more valuable projects.

Árpád Takács, represented the “University of Óbuda, Antal Bejczy iRobotetics Center” and Almotive Kft. at the Adecco IT Academy. In his professional lecture, he gave a comprehensive picture of the development of robotics, the importance of automation, the use of robots, artificial intelligence, and self-driving cars. At the end of his presentation the expert confirmed Adecco’s research results and said that “robots are our friends whom we create to help us and if we accept it, then the world of robotics and work will be in the right direction.”

Áron Tanos, from the “Hungarian Association of Robot Builders” spoke about the challenges and beauties of homemade robots. In his practice oriented lecture he talked about the association’s projects, international competitions, events and trainings. In addition, he summarized the knowledge, workshop, and equipment needed for building robots at home. The robot exhibition was particularly popular in the circles of children, which showed the robots, made by members of the association, during operation in a separate hall. For example, the robot arm, the xylophone robot, or the hydrogen powered small car could be tested.

For the organizer’s greatest pleasure both the presentations and the robot exhibition were full house from the beginning till the end of the event. Adecco IT Academy 10 ended with a prize draw where lucky guests got richer with valuable robot gifts. After the event, the participants continued their personal professional networking on the site.

László Spiller

The presentations of the experts can be downloaded here:

Árpád Takács: https://we.tl/S8dXuMd1Xy

Áron Tanos: https://drive.google.com/open?id=12tDP9BmvL0888g6CYlgtlHZ5ffn8Qkd1KK-coxssFrM

Thus Spake Zarathustra: “Let there be Adecco IT Academy again.”

On May 11th, at 6 PM, Adecco IT Academy again at Anker’t. The the topic of the 10th meetup is robotics. I’m preparing by reading articles about robots and share them with my friends and followers. I watch movies, videos, and listen to music on robots. A couple of weeks ago, for example, I watched the movie Metropolits made in 1927 . And tonight’s program is “2001: A Space Odyssey”. This film is also my favorite because you can hear the masterpeice of my most beloved composer, Richard Strauss, the opening of the symphonic poem “Thus Spake Zarathustra”, which I now share with you as the preview of the film.

Robotics in the Workforce

As our technology-driven world continues its rapid evolution towards the future, we’re seeing many amazing new developments that are turning our wildest sci-fi dreams into reality. The field of robotics is one such area of research and innovation: the advent of cheaper, safer, and more adaptive robots is having a major impact on numerous high-tech industries.


Robotics in the Workforce: How the IoT is changing the Way We Work


The Internet of Things, or IoT, is changing the business landscape across industries. The latest “things” to come into focus are industrial robotics that can perform tasks that range from developing products to performing big data analysis. While these advances in robotics do stand to take the place of humans in some manufacturing jobs, they will also create new opportunities for machine technicians and engineers, as well as make it easier for companies to turn their big data analysis into profit.


Adecco IT Academy 10 – Robotics

Dear future Adecco IT Academy participants,

We would like to invite you with much love to the 10th Adecco IT Academy.

The main topic of the conference will be Robotics, the detailed program is below.

Date of the event: Thursday, May 11th 2017, 18:00

Place: Ankert, Budapest, Paulay Ede u. 33, 1061

The presentations of the event:

1. Takács Árpád, Óbuda University Bejczy Antal iRobottechnikai Center

Robots in our daily lives, our future robots

– Evolution of robotics
– Today’s definition of robots
– Artificial intelligence
– Industrial robots
– Surgical robotics
– Self-driving cars

2. Aron Tanos, Robot Builders Association of Hungary

Robot construction at home XXI. century

– The most common types of robots
– Robot building methodologies
– Tools for robotics
– Manufactory and small series production
– Pitfalls and traps

During the event, prizes will be drawn among the participants.

The event is free but registration is needed, which you can send to the following email address: itacademy@adecco.com

Please enter the following in the subject field:
“Adecco IT Academy Registration”

We count on your participation at our exclusive and trendsetting conference.

More details:

WordPress: adeccoitacademy.wordpress.com

Twitter: @adeccoitacademy

LinkedIn: Adecco IT Academy

Meetup: http://www.meetup.com/Adecco-IT-Academy/


The Team of Adecco IT Academy

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